This is the wiki for planners' network uk (pnuk). All members of the group are welcome and encouraged to use the space to share and edit content. It is intended as a more interactive supplement to our fixed web site and will hopefully become useful as the network develops. Find information about joining pnuk, or our wiki here.

Areas of interest...

A manifesto for a more progressive planning has been drafted by a PNUK working group and will be published here (on the public part of the web site) in the last days of October 2012. It is designed for discussion and further development On issues which vary between the countries of the UK the focus (so far) is on England and there is probably a bias towards the southern half of the country reflecting the authors' experience. This draft has been prepared for discussion and further development by Bob Colenutt, Michael Edwards, Andy Inch and Tim Marshall, with contributions from other PNUK members at various stages.

Manifesto draft download

Read about the plans for, and developing work on our disorientation guide.

Share your thoughts and feelings about the economic crisis here

Find details of upcoming events here. Beyond con-dem-nation - future of planning - event in Birmingham 24th May

See the Steering Group page for reports of our recent meeting and new ideas for the future of PNUK. On this page is also posted our recent revisions to the PNUK Statement of Principles - please read, think, discuss, contribute...

We have also added a page that includes some of the email discussion that has been going on since our meeting on July 17 in Sheffield. The aim of this is to decide on how best to take the network forward. If you have any ideas or comments then please add them:

Feel free to add or edit anything you want to share.